A Better Way to Build Profits

Take control of your store's audio landscape. Energize it with Do it Best Radio, a new generation of in-store audio programming, service and delivery. Do it Best Radio will entertain your customers and increase dwell time in your store by playing the hits of yesterday and today. You'll also have the added assurance of knowing that the lyrical content of every song is family-friendly and all music is fully licensed. Do it Best Radio provides a unique audio platform that positions your hardware store as an important source of great products, special services and money-saving offers.

Learn how your hardware store can benefit from it's very own customized radio station.

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Increase Sales & Profits

Ads for products sold in your store reach customers at the point of decision — increasing sales. Information and tips educate consumers and remind them of products they have been eager to try.

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Targeted Marketing & Advertising

Do it Best Radio employs the four cornerstones of marketing and advertising to target consumers; ‘Advertising’, ‘Sales Promotion’, ‘Merchandising/Display’, and ‘Public Relations/Publicity’.

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Build Loyal Customers

Uplifting music, products, information and tips, community service messages and savings opportunities provide your customer a pleasant and enriching shopping experience. You gain new loyal customers.

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Add New Revenue Streams

Do it Best Radio allows you to harvest vendor promotional dollars and share in the revenues. Stimulate impulse sales. Up to 75% of buying decisions are made at the point of purchase. Your radio ads will ask for the sale when the customer is ready to buy.